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    • Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

      George Bailey writes a bestseller, “The Power of Wings” about his experiences with an angel.  His book tour turns into a national movement where George is viewed as the Chosen One: why else would he receive divine intervention?

      George creates a religion where he is its leader.  He uses parishioners’ monies to create a lavish lifestyle for himself and his family.  Uncle Billy is excommunicated when he misplaces the Sunday offerings (Potter again!). George builds a compound and isolates himself from the outside world.

      The IRS discovers he’s been funneling money from the savings and loan in order to construct his image onto the other side of Mount Rushmore.  Zuzu, now grown up, writes a scathing memoir, “Daughter of a False Prophet.”

      George flees the country at the age of 65, setting himself and the remains of his cult up in Argentina.  On his death bed, he hears the sound of bells. But it is only the wind.

    • Movie: Die Hard

      Hans Gruber lives.

      Audiences saw the fall, the reaction of the police just before impact, and the sound of a body hitting the parked vehicle on the street.  However, an angel sent to change Hans’ life around suddenly appears and catches Hans in time.

      Hans wants nothing to do with the angel, but when he looks around he realizes that the skyscraper from which he fell to almost certain death is now gone.  He’s no longer in Los Angeles but instead in his native Bavaria, Germany standing outside his ancestral home. It is still Christmas time, and Hans can see in the front window a younger version of himself opening presents.  His parents, still alive, are watching the young Hans unwrap a chemistry set.

      “They had wanted me to study pre-med even at a young age.  They hired a tutor to teach balancing equations in biochemistry when I was eight.”

      The angel Gertrude can only look on with sadness.  She puts a gentle hand on Hans’ shoulder and whispers “They meant well.”