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    • Relax my friend. It’s my view and you can reject it if you wish. Why would you let yourself get so worked up? This isn’t a peer reviewed journal article in Nature magazine. We’re here for conversation and we have to learn to celebrate differences of opinion and be able to be civil with one another. I don’t ask people to give quotes and write papers to defend each of their questions, replies or what have you. Our questions, responses and various commentary aren’t subject to strict rules such that I can’t make a comment without citing 10 academic papers in support. You certainly don’t. Why do you even care so much? Keep an open mind and consider that maybe, just maybe the story in this paper got it wrong. Maybe they didn’t care that they got it wrong. Maybe they just knew it’d be such a popular story line to have the world’s most eminent anti-religious scientist say that religion is good in some way. You have pushed too hard for me to have any interest in providing evidence because people convinced against their will, are if the same opinion still.