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    • It has been ten months since the Times of London published that article. If the writer of that article misrepresented Richard Dawkins I would expect that Mr. Dawkins would have published a refutation of that article since he has had ten months in which to do so.

      The Cake platform has been one in which people with differing viewpoints can come together and engage in civil discussions even when they disagree. But, @cvdavis published several comments about 14 hours ago in which he made statements for which he has provided no proof which calls into question the honesty of the writer of the original article. Since I strive to avoid publishing links to articles which I think are likely biased and since I published the link to the Times article under the impression that its writer had probably not misrepresented Mr. Dawkins, it is my opinion that unless cvdavis presents a refutation from Mr. Dawkins that he should retract his comments of 14 hours ago.