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    • I may occasionally air my grievances about some religions, but this guy is one of my heroes. And this is an article from religious press:

      As busy as he is with the weight of one of the two biggest religions on his shoulders, I have massive respect that he takes the time to understand this and advocate for it.

    • Chris,

      I have a lot of respect for your attitude on this subject.

      But one thing that many people who have a problem with religion don't understand is something that every mathemetician accepts in arithemetic. In arithemetic, if we are speaking in base 10 and if all other standard assumptions are true, there is only ONE correct answer for the question 2 + 2 =?

      There may have been a thousand false answers given throughout time to a specific arithemetic question but there is only ONE correct answer.

      If Deity exists then there are many false answers to the question: How should man worship and serve Deity? If there are millions of false answers to that question that in no way negates the validity of the correct answer.

    • If one believes that religion is a figment of man's imagination then all are wrong because there would then be no God.

      But if Deity exists, then reality is not determined by what the various religions believe is right or wrong anymore than the beliefs of two second graders one of whom fervently believes that 2 plus 2 equals 3 and the other of whom is just as emphatic in his belief that 2 plus 2 equals 5.

      Reality is not determined by what humans believe is true. As a scientist, you should realize this.

      If Deity exists then reality is determined by Deity and not by the beliefs of humans.

      If Deity does not exist then reality is also not determined by what humans believe.