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    • I've never understood why GoPro isn't making eyeglass cameras and instead I have to go buy from an unknown brand in order to record video of the kids on roller coasters, etc. It's so much more convenient to slip on a pair of glasses than try to figure out some GoPro mount. How do you even do it if you're not wearing a helmet?

      Tom's Guide makes a strong case that Apple is working hard on AR glasses. I don't know exactly what that means, but I wanna. And I hope they have a camera. Apparently they've acquired a lot of companies and filed a lot of patents.

      I originally disliked the Apple Watch, and gave versions 1 & 2 away. But version 3 is on my wrist every day.

    • Apple is secretly working on a host of automotive technologies, including autonomous driving. Compared to that, eyeglasses seems childsplay.

      I want Apple Eyeglass to fullfill a boyhood fantasy of mine: x-ray vision to see under girl's clothes 😎

    • I still really can't place a great use case for every day use of smart glasses. Unless you already have to wear glasses all the time, it's cumbersome.

      Also, I may be old-fashioned, heck, I am old-fashioned - I am always looking for ways to distance myself from technology and being constantly connected these days. So I guess I'm not the primary target.

      That said, I think a really great use case for some sort of Smart Goggles / Glasses could be for while riding a motorcycle to help with GPS / or something. Then again, I don't ride motorcycles, so maybe that's a bad idea too!

      Another potential use could be to record a hike or some other activity, similar to a Go Pro as Chris mentioned.