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    • This study is quite limited but still interesting. It seems to correlate with studies done in other cities as well. The article mentions self-driving cars as well as the current TNC's.

      Kind of a difficult article to get through in its scientific jargon and writing. But I will put the conclusion that meant the most to me down below the link here.

      "This study examines the effect of TNCs on traffic congestion and reliability in San Francisco. It is intended to adjudicate between competing arguments about whether TNCs decrease or increase congestion.

      The results show that the observed changes in travel time are worse than the background changes would predict. The estimated TNC volume and PUDO coefficients show that travel times get worse on roads with more TNC activity than on roads with less TNC activity after controlling for background traffic changes. This result supports the hypothesis that TNCs increase congestion, at least in San Francisco.

      The results show some substitution between TNCs and other car trips, but that most TNC trips are adding new cars to the road. The estimated models show that TNC vehicles stopping at the curb to pick up or drop off passengers have a notable disruptive effect on traffic flow, especially on major arterials."

    • The number that caught my eye is 40%. They . estimated traffic worsened over the study period by 62%, two thirds of that from Uber and Lyft.

      This feels right. Anecdotally, people I know are taking Uber and Lyft instead of mass transit, walking or biking.

    • That doesn't surprise me much. Most people I know use mass transit but even with them there's been a change. Before there really was no other option since the taxis here aren't that great so they would just put up with it, but now there are a bunch of reasons someone might catch an Uber/Lyft.

      They're late to work or something afterwards.

      Delays on the T

      Bad weather

      They need to carry something big to or from work


      And even if this is a small fraction of their commutes across everyone who uses the T that's a lot of additional cars on the road. And double parking was already a huge pain before this and is only worse now.