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    • I went to San Jose State for college. Across the street from campus, there was a little Mexican food joint situated in an old victorian home appropriately named La Victoria. It was always packed with students. I distinctly remember the first time walking in, since it was very peculiar that every single person had their very own unmarked bottle of orange hot sauce. Not only that, but almost every person would dab this sauce on their burrito before taking each bite. Needless to say, I tried it and was also hooked.

      La Victoria is still around today! I believe the original location is still open but they've also opened a few more. Their sauce was so popular that people would steal it, so now they sell it! Luckily for me, the sauce is also vegan.

      Definitely give "LaVic" a try!

    • One of my first and most memorable and favorite places is Pancho Villa in San Mateo.

      When I first moved to California many years ago my friends took me there. They taught me that the proof of a good burrito is you can stand it vertically on end and basically eat and keep it that way all the way down to the end.

      Oh, and besides the support structure of the physical burrito, the taste is amazing and the horchata and salsa bar is grand too!