Hey Leo,

I notice you still host photos on your SmugMug site and you have some beautiful shots. ๐Ÿ˜

I think I've listened to almost every episode of TWiT since you started, plus many phenomenal Triangulation episodes with Shoshana Zuboff, Don after the Flickr acquisition, and Sarah & Matt about the General Magic documentary (which I was in).

I've watched your concern over social media progress from sadness to the loss for what once was The Well, to sorrow after a dose of Twitter, to the crazy surveillance capital state we're in now.

Long story short, after helping to build the wonderful SmugMug community, I decided someone needs to build a site where you can have great conversations like you had on The Well โ€” at scale. No surveillance capitalism, curated enough to be reasonable like the comment sections are on the New York Times, and to bring a form of panel conversations to the web that the world desperately needs now.

I decided to write this to you via a Cake post so I could show you an example panel:

๐Ÿ‘†It's a great public conversation that allows the audience to be able to hear what panelists have to say - as on TWiT or Triangulation.

They are public, shareable with a simple link, so millions of people can read them (and participate with reactions and, soon, the ability to take questions). Already four conversations gone to the top of Hacker News. We've had them with as many as 12 panelists (women who motorcycle) who could tell their adventures without trolls and misogynists wrecking them.

Remember Victoria from reddit, who assisted with thousands of AMAs with folks ranging from tree farmers to Academy Award winners? She recently joined Cake to help us with organizing our Panels. While Cake Panels aren't a replacement for podcasts, we've built them as an amazing way to foster a conversation and connect with an unlimited audience without it becoming a melee.

The whole social media landscape is fascinating and it's in such a dynamic state of flux. As a longtime listener and fellow person in tech, it would be an honor to discuss what we're working on with you on the show.

Thanks Leo!