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    • Apple advertises up to 2 hours of talk time or 5 hours of listen time. I haven't actually timed what I get but it feels like 1.5 & 3. Maybe I'm wrong.

      After reading a few dozen Amazon reviews on the Jabras, it doesn't seem like they get better battery life. There are so many 1 & 5-star reviews, it's hard to make sense of them. Some say they fit perfectly, some say uncomfortable. Everyone says the base isn't as good as Bose, but they're smaller so tradeoffs. Some say the left earbud has some static. All say customer support is terrible. Some love built-in Alexa and features like a pass-through audio option so you can be aware of cars around you when you bike and run. Some say they're easier to connect to multiple devices than AirPods. Some say they buy them so they don't look like the finance bruh power talking on his AirPods.

      The bottom line seems to be that AirPods are so great it's hard to do better but these Jabras possibly edge them out for some people but you'll never know for yourself without trying them.

    • I have some Sennheiser headphones with a cord that have stood the test of time but I hadn't heard about any cordless ones. I'll check them out.

      I had not heard of The Strategist before you mentioned it.

    • I can believe the Sennheisers are best for audiophiles who want the very best sound quality and are willing to pay $300. If they were at a price close to the Jabras I would consider them but $300 is too much for me.