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    • Sorcerer! One of the all-time greatest movies most people have never seen. Seeing that cover in the Instagram photo was enough to win me over.

    • When I moved to Wasilla, Alaska in 2000 - it was and still is considered a small bedroom community, about 45 minutes from Anchorage if the Glenn Highway has not experienced upheaval from a recent earthquake.

      I am a solo dude and I am not a nightclub guy. So, by early October the days are getting shorter and the nights darker. ISP's were still coming up to speed and satellite could get iffy with consistent, periodic wind storms.

      Come Friday and Saturday nights...whaddya gonna do? You go to Blockbuster Video. You start on the right and travel counter-clockwise and it might take you 15 minutes to over an hour as this was the social place to be. You run into someone you know and start with rookie reviews of the last movie you saw which transformed into more lengthy conversations about kids, business and of course the weather.

      Those were great memories but I do appreciate now being able to hit up Redbox online first, see what is available and these source the closest depot for that particular flic.

      The pararell for me with video stores are record shops. How come every song you heard in Tower Records almost blew you away and you had to purchase it? LOL

      What if you combined Barnes & Noble chairs with Starbucks coffee showing a multitude of movie trailers throughout many tv screens (like a sports bar) somewhat muted so you could listen to that bitchen music you would have to buy? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. We are no longer that level of social co-minglers.