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    • Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia, surely knows his Chinese (I had no idea). In this episode of the Sinica Podcast, he chats about how to read the PRC's policies and learn to interpret it.

      Some fine knowledge of Mandarin is demonstrated around 2:39, and somewhere in the last bits, also jokingly at 54:09 ff. (I'd need to listen to it again.)

      (If you haven't heard of it, from the few dozen episodes I heard the podcast series is informative and might provide fine background general knowledge about China.)

    • Great find. I learned that he majored in Chinese studies in college and after being PM he moved to the United States and became a Harvard Fellow for China-United States relations. Now he's working on a Phd from Oxford about China's leader.

      He had something ominous to say near the end:

      I think the other member states of the international community, if they want the current rules-based order based on its established pillars to survive, they’re going to have to argue for it and argue strongly for it… Otherwise, it will disappear beneath the waves of an economically dominant China over the long term.

    • Good quote. To work out that long-term perspective into a PhD shall take him "well into the 22nd century", as he jokes about it, but surely goes further than any possibly very short-lived analysis mainstream news present to us. I might even take the time and read it, once he got to it. :)