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    • Who does it? How has it affected your life? Do we do it for the chemical boost we get when friends or followers give us a like? Does it satisfy our deep unfulfilled desire to be a food critic? I find it to be just a new part of life I have to accept even if I don't do it myself. Included is a picture of my food as made and photographed by my girlfriend Rose despite my eye rolling. Is it really any different from me taking a picture of my bicycle when I'm out cycling? I guess include your favourite foodie pic :)

    • It depends whether I'm in a restaurant or at home. At restaurants I won't anymore. I want to be in the moment and enjoy the chef's creation even if it's something simple. At home I might snap a photo of my pots of taze fasulye and pilav on the stove but rarely post the plated dish. I do, however, take pictures of my cheeseburgers sometimes for my ride reports.

    • Chris, both are home food for me. The trick is finding the flat romano beans. Fortunately, there is an amazing place called the Parkside Farmer's market that has all the ingredients I need to make good Turkish food.

    • I used to take pictures of food at the restaurants all the time mostly because my girlfriend wanted to “remember” this delicious dish. But I have pretty much stopped doing it and only take pictures of the food we have at home.
      It feels more special this way since going to restaurant is something people can do anytime. Cooking a delicious meal at home is much harder and more memorable, which is why I think taking a moment to capture it is totally fine.

      Here is one of my favorite dishes made by my girlfriend. Very simple ingredients, but is super flavorful: roasted potatoes with assortment of mushrooms.

    • I love to take a pic of food and share with my elder bro who lives thousands miles apart. He does the same, food keeps us connected :D.