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    • The sad news of Google+ shutting down came as a total surprise and we're are seeing a wave of refugees coming to Cake. We are welcoming you all, and want to help you set up a new home here.

      A few things to know about Cake:

      1. Cake is organized around following topics instead of people. When starting a new conversation you can add topics we already have, or suggest a new one.

      2. We encourage in-depth, lasting discussions on any topic. We find that short, ephemeral posts don't get much attention here, but meaningful and interesting posts keep the conversations on top of minds.

      3. Panel Conversations are for even deeper, focused discussions without any trolls. Start a panel by inviting panelists; only they may post, while readers add energy by reacting to each post.

      Please ask any questions your have about Cake here or add a topic "Cake feedback" while starting a new conversation.

    • Please feel free to share links to Cake or any conversations here wherever you like. We always look for people to join us who have great stories to tell or questions to ask of our community.

    • Okay, can you please explain how to delete a conversation please? I accidentally placed a panel in a post I did, I have redone the post but want to delete the panelled one 🤔

    • Under the title of a conversation there is a "Pencil" menu icon. Clicking on it will reveal a menu where you can delete the conversation, edit title and topics. I love to answer questions like these since I'm the designer at Cake and if it isn't clear, I need to fix it. However, here is a visual guide on how to delete a conversation:

    • I used to work for Steve Jobs and I loved that he chose to call their computer company Apple at a time when others had names like International Business Machines.

      One of my great heroins is Sara Blakely, who started Spanx, and she mentioned in one of her talks that consumers love strong A and K sounds. She heard it from George Eastman, founder of Kodak. So I got a children's rhyming book and found Cake. Someone told me it's the one word in the world that everyone can agree is good. 🎂

      Here's Sara talking about the origins of Spanx. Fantastic.

    • I would also have accepted answers that suggested Cake is filling, and that everybody could use a slice. This is our slice of the Internet.

    • I always thought Google+ was an amazing place to showcase (and in turn follow) photographs and stories, more so than being just another social network. I believe their failing - aside from the data breach - was in trying to be the new Facebook. I think Cake looks to be a wonderful replacement in that space, and wish the developers well.

    • Giving this a try @Julianne! Let's see how it goes!

    • Yes, I did similar. I'll try and link you to the expectation I got. I duplicated the mistake post and then found out how to delete the mistake one 😊

    • Reply is in this conversation I think, but here's a screenshot :)
      Țhe trick is there are two drop downs - fee the second one. I deleted my first one.