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    • One thing you can do on Cake is create a new topic when you create a new conversation. You could name it something unique for your circle of friends in Oz to follow. Once the topic exists, your friends can assign it to any conversations they start. For anyone who follows it (your friends) they will always see conversations about that topic in their feeds.

    • Not something we have down here but heres one I manages to get back in 2003 when in Ireland. No the best Squirrel shot going, but the only I have at hand thats been digitised, the better ones are still film shots. But yeap definately a squirrel.

    • It is perhaps helpful to think of Cake as a giant forum, but instead of sub-forums it is organized by topics. So if you change or add a topic it would show up for anyone who follows it. There is no groups or communities that you have to join, simply follow a topic and you'll see the conversations around that topic appear in your feed.

      This is the reason why we at Cake have to look at every topic, make sure it is appropriate and then organize it into a category so that people can find them by browsing. Some topics don't belong to any category so we have to rely on people to search for them.

      Hope this clarifies it a bit.

    • Good question, so far I’m posting to a couple of conversations but keep adding to them rather than seperate posts, each one with a bit of a back story or behind the scenes shots, where as the birds post is cataloging the birds in the gardens. With google I could add in classifications under a community here they are going under one post. Seeing how it all works. As you point out it may not be the intent of the system.

    • Yes a maybe the case. I’ve started to follow a few topics to try and find like minded people, both bird and mushroom front bit Quiet, Scott Borne was posting but think he was testing the waters, but otherwise not to much about it’s either we’re not use to looking in the right way or we’re the only ones in the pantry.

    • We're pretty new and were invite only until something like the last week or two, I lose track of time. So there aren't too many people at the pantry yet and getting anything like this off the ground takes a lot of patience and persistence. The best thing to do is add really great content like you're doing and slowly the wheel will start turning and draw other people in.

      We rolled out something new today, featured conversations, which are now the default on the homepage for visitors to the site to see. Right now the #2 and #3 featured posts are:

    • Thanks I thought that maybe the case, so happy to play along and see where it goes always fun getting in at the start. Thought I saw a post about a year old could be mistaken so thought it was going a bit longer. But happy to play here. For now hope we don’t annoy you there with to many questions as we try and suds it out. I’ll try and fit in rather than try and twist it into what google was, as that’s a sure fire way to brake something force it to be something it’s not meant to be. So far happy with it, just trying different things to see what works best, to start with I’ll add a bit of content to have something to play with then slow down to one post a day or so plus comments, but to start with, I’ll put up a bit to see how it all plays out. Do you want us to bring in more yet or let it grow organically?

      I do understand the enormity of the task you’ve taken, but after Smugmug I’m sure you have a fair idea of what your upto.

      Thanks for your help and support to us newbies (cupcakes I think it was Tray calling us.) here.

    • Yes, invite more! You did see some posts almost a year old because we issued a small number of invites to test things out.

      SmugMug was really hard and we were in my home for 4 years because we couldn't afford rent. We had two enormous strikes against us:

      1. The photo sharing wars had been fought and won years before we entered the scene by brands you could trust with your photos: Kodak Gallery, Yahoo Photos, AOL Pictures, and Microsoft Photos. The Internet was shaken when one of the most popular independent photo sharing sites went bust (Photopoint), so no one was going to trust an upstart anymore. And if they were to trust one, it would be Flickr because they were owned by the Internet's hottest company, Yahoo.

      2. They were all free. What were we thinking? Consumers don't pay for services on the Internet and Apple would learn that the hard way too. Even Apple didn't get that consumers were not willing to pay for photo storage.

      Also, my motorcycle forum was always going to die because Facebook would crush us but it's at 2 million visitors/month. Look who's losing members now.

    • Thanks, Saturday is the ShootShroomsSaturday theme day on google plus so when I put up my Saturday Shroom shot I'll direct people here as a place to try out, I'll set something up here so they have somewhere to play, we'll see what happens, but like most things it will start of slowly then turn into a rush then taper off to a steady flow, But good to be in at the start and enjoy the ride. 

      Yes I have no doubt that it was tough going at the start but for now you have the upper hand, Flickr is no longer an issue to worry about in one way for you, That’s one way of fixing competition, buy them, As you said not to many saw that coming. but a lot think its for the better, so good luck on that ride. Yes most people expect everything for free these days same way they believe it it’s on the interest its free and thing they can take images, I have a paid web site, where I pay my subscription each year, the last year of so I've been some what slack at keeping it ticking over, really need to get back on to that sooner than later, I use to have a regular weekly blog ticking over but a few changes at work and other things slowed that down including the opportunity to start my own photography workshops, which is all but settled down, I’ll still in the process of preparing the last set of nots and presentations for an upcoming one, once that’s done I'll have some free time to get back to the blog, I do enjoy training others in the joys of photography and seeing how they progress, some keep in touch and its good seeing how far they have come, but a lot of people expect everything for nothing and don't apricate just what it takes to get something off the ground and the recourses and effort it takes to keep it going. Then theirs people like me and plenty of others that really do apricate what organisations and individuals like yourself do for us. I can trace back my growth in photography to google themes and a weekly theme that had me out every weekend shooting mushrooms and that constant shooting and practice got me to where I am today and still improving, from there its got me to run workshops which now pays for my toys, I'm not in it for the money as I've ran workshops for just one person, so as long as some ones interested I'll share what I know. You gain a passion for something and when it gets you there’s nothing that stops you, like your motorcycle forum, as you say you have 2 million hits per month and growing and others are losing hits or closing up all together so guess who's doing something right. The important thing through out it all is to have fun,Life is way to short not to enjoy it all and enjoy what you do, be if for a job or outside of work, usually easier said than done, but something to always consider. Thanks.

    • Cake is open for anyone to sign up. No invite needed. Just go to and there is a banner with a sign up button at the top 😉.

    • We've just recently opened up Cake for anyone to sign up. For over a year it has been invite only and you had to have an invitation from someone else to sign up. All of the content on Cake is public to everyone, but only registered members can post. We implemented this invitation system to make sure Cake worked well and people liked it before opening it up to everyone.

      What you are seeing there is the remnants of the invitation system. We are keeping it just in case we need to temporarily restrict sign ups to make sure the community grows healthy and everyone has a great experience. Anyone who is already on Cake would still be able to send out invitations. For now we are fully open for anyone to sign up 😉.

    • i too am a G+ refugee and i think i might have found a new home in Cake. i started to use Pluspora and MeWe this week but both still seem kind of lacking in many ways. i like the clean interface and the depth of the convos i have already seen here on cake...cheers!