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    • Happy Sunday everyone, just stopping by to check out the site and say hello to those who know me from G+ and hi to anyone who doesn't know me yet 😉 👋 😊

      I'm going to be checking out the dog (Italian Spinone are my favourite) photography and abstract colour images, if there are topics for those.

      I understand that I can create my own topics too.

      I see gif files are not supported and there isn't an Android app for cake as yet.

      So far I like cake. 😁🍰

      All my best Heidi

      = German Wirehaired Pointer Keltoi with Italian Spinoni Woody and Ruben helping me with my birthday cake few years ago

      I accidentally caught the back button on my mobile phone and had to rewrite this whole post

    • Hi Heidi and welcome to Cake! 😁 Adorable and lucky dogs you have.

      You're right, you can't upload gifs directly yet but you can link them from sites like giphy.

      Really sorry about losing your post. Hmmmm, we try to save it automatically as you write it so if you go away and come back to it, it's there. Not sure what happened.

    • Thank you for the lovely welcome Chris 😊 much appreciated. I think it was my own fault my composed post got lost, not to worry. That's great that gifs can be shared in some form, Google Photos makes them from my pictures some times and they make me smile . Just hoping to share the smiles. Maybe I can figure out a way to make them appear.

    • Where are the "help" pages please @Vilen , I'm on desktop. I wanted to find out the dimensions of my "cover" image on my profile so I can upload an appropriate one, but wasn't sure how to find out and I haven't found a specific link to FAQ's as yet. Thank you :)

    • I think it might have something to do with the size of my monitor screen? Although I'm not sure...the top of my image is being chopped off when i view it full screen. In this image (shown below), the full picture crop I chose is showing when the "inspect" information has pushed it over to the left... see next image, shared in the next reply, for what my cover image looks like to me on my profile...

    • Heidi, we don't require specific dimensions for the cover photo. To get the best results, you'll need to upload the biggest image you have and we'll do the rest. By that I mean, we will resize it appropriately based on the dimensions of the screen and the device's screen resolution (retina or standard). This way it will always fit and look the sharpest. The only considerations is that the image should look good to you in a 3x1 and 4x1 ratios 😉.

    • Hi Jason, thank you. I was just trying to avoid losing the top or bottom of the image. I'll have a look at yours. I've yet to make it to my desktop to try the aspect ratio mentioned above. 😁

    • Is there any chance that something similar to G+ Communities is in the works? Because that would really help a lot of G+ gamers want to start using Cake. Communities, Circles, and Collections are the things that we are missing the most in one fashion or another on the different sites I've seen.

    • Hi and welcome to Cake, rivetgeek!

      Cake is a very small community and by simply following a "gaming" topic you'll be able to have great conversations with other G+ gamers if they join Cake and follow the same topic. We have quite a few G+ photographers like @Julianne and others who had similar concerns when they first joined, but now seem to be comfortable following "Google+" and "photography" topics. Is that right @Julianne?

      I'd love to know more about what you liked about Google+ communities, what worked, what didn't. This would help our small team decide on if and how this could work on Cake. Would love to hear from you more!

    • Communities simply help people stay on topic, and provide a way for moderating members if need be.

      Circles allow posters to choose who they want to share posts with. Admittedly, this is a feature I haven't used much since G+ allowed asynchronous following (i.e., you can follow me and I don't have to follow you back) and Collections.

      Collections by far for individual posters is the most useful, because it allows others to choose what they want to follow from you. If you like someone's photographs but don't want to know about their baking, you follow their Photographs but not their Baking collection.

      These things are honestly what a lot of people have found lacking in other platforms. MeWe has held an AMA or two and most of these features are in their pipeline in one form or another. The concern is currently there is no public posting. Their UI is slick, but it's just not grabbing me, likely because of the siloing from not having public posts. Pluspora (and Diaspora et al) lack things like being able to edit posts and comments.

      There's an articleI can't find the link to right now that really nailed why Google+ was so good for the users who were really dedicated to it... And the communities/collections/circles were part of it.

    • You are correct, but it's the ways of bundling topics that make G+ so useful for a lot of people that are dedicated users. Effectively collections are topics, originating from one user.

    • Found it!

      This is the most salient part to me:

      "Imagine a social network where geeks have higher follower counts than celebrities. Where there’s no advertising. Where trolls get crushed and ordinary people have a voice. Where smart people gather for long, detailed and interesting conversations. Where most streams aren’t algorithmically filtered. Where photographs appear at full quality. Where social networking engagement leads to actual, real-life friendships."