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    • I have, @Heidi ... I tested it out … too much bad there (they strip metadata completely and people can download your photos whether or not you have “download” turned off) … I already have sites that do that. I really don’t like it there. It is so much like Facebook (but less blue at least … ;oD). Here at Cake, it feels a little like the early days at G+, conversation-wise. I only wish for a more robust image experience here. Though, I know it isn't intended for photographers here, so I am still looking for a perfect home. I do wish I could follow people here. While I understand why the "topics" over "people" follow option (less focus on "follower count", popularity, etc.) I prefer to follow people so I can learn more about them through the topics they're interested in ... it is a much fuller adventure when one can connect with individuals and all their myriad interests. You can do that on MeWe, but the interface there leaves me feeling a little "meh".