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    • This came up in my photography topics. I was hoping for a discussion of how we approach our photography differently but arrive at the same outcomes...or something like that. Since that wasn't what I found I guess I'll go instantiate that conversation elsewhere.

      To your question; my favorite veg is sugar snap peas. They're great to eat plain and perfect in a variety of dishes crossing different ethnic cuisines.

    • Aye sir. That would be me. You must be a fan of @ugocei Traveling Image Makers then? I'm assuming you're the Chris MacAskill of Smugmug; which I love, so that's very encouraging for the future of Cake.

      Related question, but maybe this isn't the place for it - any plans on the roadmap to DM someone or show links so we can reach them personally? I've found several folks here already who I'd love to reach out to personally but I'm not sure how to go about that.

    • ...checking out this place all the G+ create folks are talking about. Discovering and then keeping up with creative people is hard to do when people are on so many different platforms.

    • Great to see you posting here, Ugo. I am another one of those Americans who will tell you how great Slovenia is. 😀 (I listened to your podcast interview with Karen Hutton, who SmugMug was filming there.)

      You fascinate me because you seem to have two careers going: some pretty advanced software/IT and also, completely unrelated, photography podcasts, tours, books, etc. Where do you find the time?

    • Thanks, Kevin, I am indeed the Chris from SmugMug. When we started it in 2002, people said we were 6 years too late: Kodak, Shutterfly, and and Snapfish had fought the photo sharing wars and won. People said no one would pay for photo sharing on the Internet. And then Facebook/Instagram took over photo sharing on the web, they said.

      And yet, here we are with photo sharing absolutely thriving with Apple's iCloud, Google Photos, SmugMug, Flickr, and some others. It's a great time to be alive.

      We're a very small team so we haven't built DMs yet, but they're on our list. Our approach is like SmugMug's, just incremental improvement year after year.

      I'm also fascinated by your cycling tours because I love cycling and adventure cycling seems to be on the rise. I just watched a video the other day of a cycling tour in Peru that was fascinating, And I watched your video of cycling through Morocco.

      Just came across this and it was spectacular! 👇

    • That's a great video. Wow. A film maker I am not, but it's on the list of skills to practice and improve.

      My cycling tours are going to evolve the more I do them no doubt. The goal is to serve a unique niche in an overcrowded adventure and travel photography market so I have something that stands out. Everybody wants to find that special experience that appeals to their interests. And sometimes we have to create those for ourselves and then share them with the world; which it seems you're making work for you quite nicely.

    • That film was made/paid for by Camelbak, apparently. I'm surprised by how many films like this are — from Red Bull, GoPro, etc. I hate to say it, but the films that really did well at SmugMug with millions of views, had brands in them like Black Diamond who were willing to sponsor some of our filming costs and then promote the film after shooting. Their sponsored brand ambassadors, such as pro surfers and climbers, would participate in our films because their sponsors made it possible.

    • @Chris , May I have another fix of Curiosity?

      I have zero interest in surfing or photography and I hate cold weather, but I couldn’t stop watching this video.  I thought, “Who the heck does this for fun?” And then “How the hell do they do that?”

      I love videos of people explaining and sharing their passions.

      One more video, please!  🙏 

    • I love them too. When I was at SmugMug and we hired Anton to produce these films, I didn't know if they were effective for marketing but I knew that I loved them. Since Francis started this conversation as being about photography I'll try to keep the next two to that.

      For the first, we were fascinated by how NASA takes such stunning photos from space. It isn't as easy as it looks. So we asked if we could interview Don Pettit, an astronaut with great photography skillz, and this is what we got:

      Another is I stumbled across the dance photography of Omar Robles and was captivated, so we sent Anton to Rio to find out why he's so passionate about it and how he thought to produce the photos he did.

      Honestly, I've watched both these films a dozen times and cried over the beauty in them.

    • Ah yes, well that is how photographers keep busy and make money right. Bonocore has shared that one with me. It's a great evergreen piece too; always a good watch and will continue to age well for new generations of adventure travelers and photographers.