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    • Wow Awais, you are one of the most inspiring photographers I know. I don't see commentary and photos in my various feeds like you produce where I learn so much about the culture in places like Pakistan, Turkey and Mexico — and get a visual feast. For example:

      we have national poet who attributed colors of universe to existence of women, which is a fact and i always felt my portfolio will always remain incomplete without some colorful photographs of women.

      That got me curious and I went hunting for the quote and something about the poet. Is it Fatima Asghar?

    • Thanks Chris, Cake is really helping me in adding narration to my photos. The poet i referenced is Alama Iqbal and here is part of poem with English translation. One interesting common thing in Fatimah and Iqbal is that they both share Kashmiri roots and migration.

    • That’s beautiful, Awais. I often think women are the best photojournalists in some situations, and that photojournalism is often the most challenging form of photography.

      These two quotes from Carol Guzy, four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, stick with me:

      “Truly the only way to tell a story with genuine moments is to walk the journey with people and establish trust that you are there not to merely take pictures but to give an understanding of their situation to others.”

      “To be a photojournalist or even just a caring person you can’t overemphasize having empathy,” she adds. “It’s a blessing and a curse — it undoubtedly helps me create images that resonate and connect viewers to the narrative of others, but also makes any heartbreak a thousand times harder. We are not walking cameras and what we witness changes our soul.