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    • We have just skimmed the surface of possibilities for this site.  The existing surface lot 6 is under-utilized City land full of potential where the public could enjoy access to Booth Park & Rouge River views.  Please do not limit this area to an urban plaza squeezed between buildings. There is no rush to zero in on plans for a 9 story parking deck with 3
      levels below grade (premium cost) to add 250 plus parking spots to the existing
      car count. The City leaders stated they can still use the proposed deck plans if
      the deal does not go through. The $250,000 approved for plans (design development)
      to establish the developer's GMP (guarantied maximum price), will need further cost
      to complete drawings & specs (construction documents) required to actually
      build the project. We have heard the money for the plans is not from the resident taxpayer
      but reserves from the parking assessment district. Shouldn’t we be using this
      money for a parking deck plan that has a cohesive fit for the site & it’s
      surroundings? I have my doubts that the proposed Parking deck in the North
      Woodward Deck proposal is a relevant design for this location. We should be
      focusing on a designing a brilliant parking deck structure independently &
      without strings attached. I will be regretting the day when potentially spectacular public land is leased off for commercial private development of the Bates Road

    • WOW - a stand alone Restoration Hardware building in Birmingham would be a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'. In other RH locations they own their property and building. Why would RH be interested in a 'leased' location in Birmingham? Additionally sounds like an intense use requiring much of the parking. Other 'stand alone' RH locations have bars and restaurants.