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    • It is really a shame, and quite puzzling, that the public has almost systematically been excluded from the process of planning for this parcel. This despite the fact that the public will ultimately have its say when it votes on a bond issue (or when four city commission seats are up for grabs in November). Bert, I know you are a regular at planning sessions, and I value your input a lot and appreciate the time you devote. It's a shame that more people don't show up at the commission's meetings, but that's a fact of life. People get involved only when they are invited to participate meaningfully. It takes a lot of fortitude for people like you and David Bloom to sit through a two-hour (or more) meeting only to be told to keep your comments to under two minutes! (This when commissioners Bordman and Nickita regularly drone on repetitively about the most mundane topics.) Despite that, it important that residents start talking about this and get involved. And it is not too late to influence change! Trust me, as someone who has managed to influence plenty. The best way by far is to contact any or all of the city commissioners directly, and show up at meetings and speak out. And very important: Plan to participate in the upcoming master planning process. You can see the opportunities here: Mark your calendars now.