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    • The public domain aspect is an interesting angle of this I didn’t think about.

      Ultimately, Disney is going to make a half a billion dollars or more off of this movie so it’s probably a pretty easy green light for them.

      I also think your observation about 2D versus 3D animation might be true, and that there’s maybe just no appetite for 2D animation these days. But it’s too bad, I think we’re missing out. I know CGI will always be involved to some degree but I hope to see a more 2D style of CGI emerge. It’s such a unique (and arguably superior) style of story telling.

      And yeah no one better touch the Back to the Future franchise. It’s perfect as is.

    • I didn't like the Beauty and the Beast remake (loved the original), I'm not excited for Aladdin (even though I loved the animated movie too), and I didn't even bother watching the Dumbo trailer.

      But Lion King? That's got me excited.

    • I'm interested in the remake as I have been in past ones (Jungle Book, Maleficent, Beauty and the Beast) but I don't like this tendency to abandon 2D animation that we've seen with Disney. I'm also not sure if 'gritty' remakes bring any value to the stories.