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    • Fascinating! I've seen news photos from around the world and wondered, what is the spray countries are using? Do we know? How is the safety of these sprays, including HOCl, wrt side effects? I sound like a skeptic or worrier, but I'm just very curious.

    • In solution salt becomes Na (sodium) and Cl Chloride. When passed over a weak electrical field the CL is broken into two atoms of chlorine (Cl-)

      You may want to re-phrase this. Simply dissolving NaCl in water does not break it chemically. Chloride is the anion Cl− of Chlorine, which is an element. Cl cannot break into two atoms because as part of the NaCl compound there is only one Cl- per one molecule of NaCl.

      Chlorine as a substance is a two-atom molecule Cl2, and is gaseous at standard conditions. I hope your chlorinating system does not produce too much of it ;-)