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    • Error 503 first byte timeout

      first byte timeout

      Guru Mediation:

      Details: cache-mia17630-MIA 1591893693 2032941810

      Varnish cache server

    • I got it a few hours ago as well (can't remember exactly when), but it seems to have resolved itself.

      EDIT: Finally managed to get this post up after a few attempts. The first few tries Cake told me it was a duplicate and refused to post it. Obviously it wasn't, so something broke somewhere.

    • I just got the duplicate post thing while trying to post my reply in the Honda NC700 conversation. It took 3 attempts of cancelling my reply and refreshing the page to try again before it posted.

    • This website,, seems very, very slow - Links are taking 15-30 seconds to open, even partially _ I have not seen this degree of slowness on Cake ever before. Is this a web cause, or what? This has been true all evening long - from 4 pm EDT to 10:45 pm EDT

    • Thank you for taking the time to report this. May I make a few suggestions to receive a quicker response or update in the future?

      • Use a more explanatory title than 503. Something like, “Receiving a 503 error. Am I the only one getting this?” The team will more easily notice your update request and it may help to resolve the issue quicker, especially if the team is not yet aware of it.

      • Consider emailing your notifications to help @ Messages to there seem to get a fairly quick reply.

      • If you can, take a screenshot of the error. Include the time it occurred, the device you were using to access Cake, and whether you were accessing Cake via the ios app or via your Browser (Chrome, Safari, FireFox).

      • Tag @Vilen on your conversation starter post. I usually end up asking him for an update to share when Cake is acting wonky (technical term), so tagging him will reduces the time to resolve the issue and/or provide a timely update to all.

    • Now its cracking fast again!! Hurray! But the slowness last evening was unique to cake, not other sites.

      Mac OS 10.15.5 Safari 13.1.1

      Spectrum cable modem 117Mbps down and 12 up.

      Thanks again!

    • I apologize for not responding earlier to the 503 error. @kevin is the one to ask about the specific details on what caused it, however, the site is now up and running normally.

      Kevin and I are leaving tomorrow to backpack the John Muir Trail (JMT). Specifically, the 200 Mile section that excludes Yosemite (sold out permits). Given that we'll be out on the trail with almost no connection to the outside world for 2 weeks, Kevin was going to "harden up" the site. That included implementing additional stability improvements and redundancies. I suspect that this is what caused slowness and errors as he was deploying the build.

      Please keep an eye on the site, and I apologize in advance if there'll be slowness issues or interruptions. If that happens, there are many redundancies in place, and the site should recover on its own.

      Thank you for reporting it @Shewmaker, @Eddieb, @JazliAziz, @Pathfinder and @StephenL

    • I got this at 7am NZT on an Android, so 3'35" before this post. I was checking my mail and saw a notification that @Vilen had tagged me so clicked on the Cake link in the email.

    • Just happened again, at 8:19 AM ET, 6/18/2020

      Error 503 first byte timeout

      first byte timeout

      Guru Mediation:

      Details: cache-bos4640-BOS 1592482763 4120257499
      Varnish cache server

    • I just had it happen again. Tried a second time to access Cake and it was OK, appears to be intermittent but happening fairly often for me.

    • The 503 errors are back. I've received several just now.

      Error 503 first byte timeout

      first byte timeout

      Guru Mediation:

      Details: cache-bos4643-BOS 1593290309 2393019970

      I also had an interesting time posting in the following conversation. I composed a posts and clicked POST. Nothing happened. I clicked POST again. I was told it was a duplicat post - but the post had not been added. I copied, reopened Cake and the conversation, pasted, and the entry was successfully added.

    • I am experiencing the same very very slow loading as reported previously @Denise - sometimes not loading at all. Is this Cake or the web, I am not really certain at times, altho I don't notice other sites this slow either.

    • Yeah, it is pretty sporadic. It was slow for me earlier as well, but now it is back up and running fast.