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    • There's no single gene for beauty, intelligence, athletic ability, or other characteristics we value. Rather, these traits are the results of complex interactions of many genes and possibly developmental factors as well. Editing for beauty is many decades away, if ever. However, editing for specific disease-causing mutations is already starting. Experimental subjects apart, it will almost certainly be available to the rich before anyone else--just like all other forms of expensive medical treatment. However, technical advances are likely to lower the cost and make it available to everyone eventually, at least everyone who has access to healthcare.

      Given the fuss that was created by the Chinese case, I'm not sure why Gates thinks we are not paying attention. A lot of attention has been paid to the ethics of gene therapies. We don't have all the details but it appears that this guy violated just about all the rules there are. His work has been stopped and he may be facing serious punishment. The case was especially egregious because it involved editing the germ line, meaning that the results will be passed to future generations. While that might someday be beneficial in eradicating some forms of disease, for now it is generally considered too dangerous to pursue in humans.

    • I think beauty improvements would be the tipping point that could lead to eugenics. It’s a scary idea and I think Gates is prescient in seeing the need for clear guidelines and restrictions around this technology.


      Because I’m Not a Product of Controlled Genetics!

    • This comes across as complete and utter arrogance on the part of the scientist. He’s a physicist so obviously he can do genetics?

      He reminds me of the really smart scientists who irradiated the size of a city because they thought they could do anything.

    • Oh my God what a video that was. Do we know anything about the making of? The YouTube creator who made it seems to have abandoned his account. Was some of the footage of of the workers in the plant in white a dramatic recreation?

      Can you imagine what would have happened were it not for the 3 divers who let the water out? The world idolizes athletes, actors, pop stars and doesn't know the name of those three divers.

      Making that video and having 1.5 million people watch it is my idea of doing something meaningful with your life. ❤️