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    • I have a relative who only watches Fox News. We watched the last presidential debate last night together—on Fox. I kept my mouth shut.

      This morning, I looked up “fact-checking” to see about all the BS that was flung around during the debate (by both candidates - albeit not equally). Most of the mainstream television media companies have fact-checkers, and there were some enlightening points made and important facts recited. I learned things.

      My relative would not even consider any of these fact-checks because “everybody has a way of twisting the truth.” I tried to find Fox’s fact-check follow-up, and guess what? FOX DOES NOT DO ANY FACT-CHECKING. 😳 So, my relative has been convinced that facts are always manipulated, and does not believe the truth can even be known. This is the legacy of Fox.

      I feel sick.

    • And that makes it the most popular network by far on cable TV.

      People would rather hear about Covid 19 cures from Laura Ingraham, who has no medical background and who thought Hydroxychloroquine was a miracle cure, than tune into CNN and listen to Dr Sanjay Gupta, who knows what he is talking about.