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    • Buzzfeed published an internal Facebook posting that was leaked about growth at all costs and it's getting a lot of attention. The interesting thing is how Facebook's employees reacted, which The Verge covered after reading through the comments.

      I have always felt that we should all conduct ourselves as if everything we say will be leaked one day, because if it's awful, it probably will be. And then a lot of people will be mad at the leakers instead of the awful things we said.

    • I work in electronic discovery and one should always consider how your internal communications will be viewed. Many times, a phone call will work better for potentially "difficult" discussions.

    • An Argentine reporter has weighed in on what Facebook is doing to elections in Latin American countries. It seems that Cambridge Analytica or companies like them have a presence in countries like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, but they are expensive and the candidates there usually don't have the budgets to spend a lot with them.

      What has become a huge thing though is fake news. Countries where polarization is high like Brazil are hotbeds of fake news because it's produced by people on the extreme, not moderates, and Facebook is a great channel to distribute it.

    • to be honest, the fake news seems way more disruptive than Cambridge. Not that either is good but people seem to rally around the wild claims.

    • Last night, I pulled my data down from Facebook, which arrived in a surprisingly tidy package, and clicked the Delete Account Button. The notification indicates that it'll take about 14 days.

      One thing I noticed was that in addition to content I'd created, it also downloaded those little videos they make that reference your friends or your birthday or the like. It's interesting to think about those from the perspective of what consumer behaviors those videos seek to enforce.