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    • Chris, I am a germaphobe.

      I understand. 🙂 Most people are terrified of germs. 👹

      Dunno if you saw, but I have a YouTube channel where I interview prominent doctors, yada, and last week I asked Dr. Klaper what is causing this chart:

      You could add Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Autism to the chart and the trend would be the same, even accelerating after 2000.

      I'm in the process of recording a new episode about this chart and what is driving it. There are a half dozen factors but the big three are germophobia, overuse of antibiotics, and eating refined convenience foods.

      It's ironic that exposure to animals, dirt, and surfaces like shopping carts, is one of the best ways to develop strong immunity so if we do catch something awful like Covid, it doesn't bring us down.

      Great book:

    • I‘m getting triggered! Lol

      Story: One time I was at a Seahawks game at the Kingdome. The Kingdome had these long metal troughs that everyone would line up and pee into, side by side. Literally 50 people peeing at once. When a spot opened you just filled in the hole. Directly outside the door was a set of stairs leading downward. A distinct pee trail led to these set of stairs. Out I come following the pee trail and here is a young child playing on the stairs her mother standing close by.

      AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGG! But you know what? I agree with you 100% eat dirt! Our kids feasted on it. Sucked on dogs ears shared (stole) bottles from sick kids and on and on.

      Always in amazement of how tough our God given bodies are.

      Wash your hands! Lol

    • It's not really my proposal, though, is it?

      On when to stop wearing masks: 52% suggested more than a year.

      “It’s hard to know when it will be the right time to stop face-covering, but given it is such a small inconvenience for notable gains, I find it hard to believe that anyone is in a hurry to end this practice.”

      Amy Padula, University of California-San Francisco

      Would wait more than a year

      “When the coronavirus pandemic is over, and there aren't any other virulent respiratory pathogens circulating, I will consider not wearing a mask in some situations. I will probably always wear a mask on a plane from now on.”

      Jean Brender, Texas A&M University

      Would wait more than a year

    • I've been following this conversation with interest. Specifically because it's so civil and rational. There are valid arguments on the side of both those who downplay the virus as well as those overreacting to it. I'll say that, regardless whether they "work" or not, meaning saving some infinitesimal risks, I have no issue covering my face with a mask in the current social circumstances deemed necessary to. I simply do it out of respect for the others. I do see overbearing enforcement of it, as well as restriction of free move as abuse of authority, and agree that needs to be in check and not supported but they play with fear which is how they control the masses. Ever heard of the use of "Please don't panic!" standard fear monger in any crowd?

      Oh, but what to do when we see someone expressly ignoring the new commonly accepted "standards". What to think of those people? I mean, if I was ever sick with a flu or cold, since I was a child, I have been educated by my parents and society I grew up in, to put my hand or elbow, and a handkerchief when I know it's happening often, to block an irruption of saliva or what have you, when sneezing or coughing. It's only here in the land of the free I have discovered some take pleasure in arrogantly spraying you with their saliva when sneezing or coughing and not even blink at the thought how gross that is as social behavior. Forget the health risks issue, it's common etiquette used in reverse to demonstrate they can spit in one's face, arrogantly.

      Do you think you can convince Americans to lower their voices in a French restaurant, in France?

    • I’m definitely not gaslighting like trump would. And no I don’t agree with you about wearing the mask when we are sick. This coronavirus is different in that many people are asymptomatic and presymptomatic and therefore we wear the mask just in case. I’ll wait for you to look up those words and catch up in the conversation and science. You’re also still using the virus size and mask hole argument. I guess you failed to read the science behind why that’s misleading to say the least.

    • I heard a polititian say yesterday that this whole thing wasn’t based on science but a fear based response. He went on to say something like it wasn’t being done with a scapel but with a hatchet. So science went completely out the window! They apparently are operating on their best commons sense approach? Which they admit is based on fear.

      I just can’t run my life based on fear. As an example I have a few hundred thousand miles of motorcycle under my belt. I admit when I think about the risk I feel fear. Has that stopped me from climbing on the bike? Nope. I calculate the risk wear the appropriate gear and constantly check myself for safety.

      I’m not going to live my life in fear.

      Is that the same loud people answering their cell phones in the movie theatre? Lol

    • Hey Dan, here's someone with lots of cred who supports what I think is close to your view on masks:

      I've been following him for awhile because he is both an economist and an MD, and he studies populations of poor people.

      He is fiercely controversial for his anti-lockdown views, but I think a debate with solid facts and science behind it is a good thing to have.

      What I didn't like about the Jordan Schaechtel reference is he's a journalist who has no science and writes for partisan outlets like Breitbart and The Blaze. (And he speaks in absolute terms, which scientists rarely do because there is almost always uncertainty).

    • He says Public Health should unite not divide. He says the mask created a disunity that public health should not create. Yes! I hate hate that we are divided and that folks use it as a wedge between us. I love that our natural curiousity leads us to explore the science ourselves and not just trust everything we hear. I look at the times our country has been united on issues and I long for that.

      Thanks for posting him, he seems like a genuine good person.

    • I can’t read the font. I’d also like the source of it. Thanks. I’d also add that any reasonably intelligent person could search google for “science why masks don’t work” and find plenty of cherry picked stuff that supports the view. Doesn’t mean it’s the scientific consensus or right.

    • If you are on the cusp of one size or another, I suggest you go larger. The mask effectively cups around the chin and the ear straps are adjustable. Due to the special fabric treatment (I suppose), the breathability is a little less than my paper masks, so having a little more room would feel a little better to me. But I still wear these whenever I go out. I have one in my car, and one at my door. They wash easily (by hand only) and air dry pretty quickly.

      Oh... and if you enter BUBBLE10 you get 10% off. :) That’s because Andy Slavitt (Obama administration head of Medicaid/Medicare) has ads for these on his podcast “In the Bubble” and worked out a sponsorship deal with Livinguard I think.

    • Confession: when I saw they were from Switzerland, I trusted their claims more than had they been American. I'm not sure what to make of that.