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    • I don't know what has happened to America. We have shocked the world. DangerDave is from Australia (1794 deaths), Eddieb from New Zealand (24 deaths), cvdavis from Canada (9608 deaths) and they, like the rest of the world, have their jaws on the floor about videos like that. You would think with our 215,000 deaths we'd be a little bit humble about where we are going wrong and listen to scientists and doctors in countries that are now far more advanced than us.

      Did any sentence that man said make sense? Was any of it true? "Vaccines can be approved in 2 days." Tell President Trump that as he gets increasingly more frustrated about how long the approval process takes.

      "Biden's plan is to lock everything down so all jobs go away. Therefore China will rule the world." How does that make sense? China did lock everything down and that's why they can rule the world. Same with all the countries like New Zealand who hold live sporting events now. How are sporting events in the U.S. doing?

    • Covid has been around for over 20 years.

      Has it? I understood the name to have originated on February 11 of this year. Do you mean to say Coronavirus? That seems to have been around for milennia.

    • A cow and a pig are both mammals but not everything that is true for one is true for the other as an example pigs do not chew their cud.

      The fact that other viruses are corona shaped does not mean that they are the same virus.

      Your statement that "covid has been around for twenty years" is like suggesting that cows and pigs are the same. Covid-19 is not the same virus as other corona shaped viruses. Covid-19 has been around for less than two years.

      If what you said was true then why were those politicians whom you admire caught unprepared. You are actually insulting those you support when you suggest that they did not know in 2017 that this virus was already around. You make it sound like they are incompetent and that they lack vigilance.