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    • I'm not sure the science is all over the place, but some of the press and politicians are. That article was written by a Rupert Murdoch organization, so might as well read Fox news, which is also owned by Murdoch and known as a primary misinformation vector.

      If you read what the scientists wrote and go to WHO's website, they are arguing that lockdowns should not be the primary control of infection, and when they are used they should be short and sharp. The primary controls they recommend are social distancing, masks, avoiding large crowds, ventilating indoor spaces well, and washing hands.

      The trouble in America is we politicized some primary controls like mask wearing and distancing, so we ended up with horrendous death rates. Reopening schools and sporting events hasn't worked well because of the high numbers of people (not scientist or doctors) who say there is no coronavirus and it's a myth, and masks don't work.

      Remember how the hardest thing in controlling Ebola in Africa was misinformation? Well, Ebola didn't make it here but misinformation did and death followed.