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    • I love science but how about common sense? I have a good friend that is a coder. She tells me she’s seen a ton of Covid cases. Not one of her cases has died without an extenuating circumstance.

      Well to me an unverified anecdote from a coder is not common sense. I could counter by saying two men in their 40s in good health in our neighborhood have died of complications from Covid, but those are anecdotes too. I don't know their medical histories and the specifics of their deaths.

      Common sense would be to look at the data from doctors and scientists have who specialize in this. They've made it available to us at the click of a mouse and it's super clear via a chart.

      Almost universally they say Covid deaths are underreported in the U.S. How do we know? Because we can compare the number of total deaths for a period of time compared to the same number at the same time of year during previous years. What we see is it's higher. More people dying this year, starting when Covid broke out, of lung, kidney and heart disease — or at home from flu-like symptoms — than can be explained by reported Covid deaths.

    • Endorsing a candidate with obvious mental issues after 175 years would be suspect to me on it’s face. If Joe would take a mental acuity test it would settle the issue but he will not.

      Well I think the most difficult mental acuity test you could give a candidate is a 2-hour town hall, no? They don't have a script or teleprompter and the questions require a lot of recall. Yet it was public for all of us to see.

      I know Bill O'Reilly was confused about how Biden could nail something like that:

      I think you're right to be worried about Joe's mental acuity at 77, or Trump's at 74. But it seems to me the acuity we're looking for is can they remember what they said before, are the answers consistent with simple, known facts, do they slur their words, etc. One of those candidates definitely doesn't pass that test.

      The mental acuity test Trump took is a million times simpler. Judge for yourself. This is the test. Can you answer these questions?

    • Thank you for the link, very interesting.

      Here’s what I mean by common sense. Why are certain governors locking states down harder than others? Michigan is a disaster. Why did Cuomo send infected patients into nursing homes?
      You nor I would have done that. Crazy. How much money is involved putting someone on medicare on a ventilator? 30k? Money and politics are huge motivators for partisans.

      We have an election year and a weak candidate. During the 2 hour town hall Biden said Trump was responsible for 200k deaths. To back up his claim he said “look at the data”

      Biden: And if president had done his job — had done his job from the beginning — all the people would still be alive. All the people — I’m not making this up, just look at the data. Look at the data.

      So I’m trying to balance my political foo, common sense, data, and come up with as you are what’s really happening here.
      It is a fact the virus arrived in Wa State the day the impeachment started and why I say we will not know the complete truth for some time if ever.

      Do I think polititians are playing with peoples lives, yes.

      2017 Total Deaths US: 2,813,503 (234,000/month)
      2018 Total Deaths US: 2,839,205 (237,000/month)
      2019 Total Deaths US: 2,855,000 (238,000/month)
      2020 Total Deaths US (jan - week 9/26): 2,130,000 (236,000/month)
      2,130,000 + (236,000/month x 3) [Oct, Nov, Dec] = 2,838,000 [assumption based on monthly avg]
      2020: 2,838,000 [3-month assumption insert]
      2019: 2,855,000
      2018: 2,839,000
      2017: 2,814,000

    • Yes I can pass that one.

      Isn’t that hump where the Camel stores its water? lol

      Jackson recently made news when he suggested Biden take the same cognitive test Trump took and passed.

      Biden once claimed he’d taken a cognitive test. He even said he was tested “daily.” But in a recent interview, he said he hadn’t, then went on to insult the interviewer.

    • Agreed. Unlike 2016, Democrats are playing to win versus playing to not lose. They’re raising way more money right now and everyone is taking this election and Trump more seriously. I think that will make the difference. At least that is my hope.

    • Research on this came up with an average of ten years knocked off people’s probable life expectancy. Background death rates still suggest covid deaths are underestimated. See another Cake thread for discussion of this.

    • Yes, he did say that around January 21st — twice — and if TikTok is a source of truth about our scientists, as it is for millions of people in the U.S., then those millions will go on to conclude scientists don't know, as they did.

      One thing that TikTok eliminated was what he said right before that: Obviously, you need to take it seriously and do the kind of things the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security is doing.

      And after:  It’s a very, very low risk to the United States, but it’s something we, as public health officials, need to take very seriously. And it's an evolving situation which could change on a moment's notice.

      Easy for me to say looking back, but I wish he could have acted then (the day after the first case was diagnosed in the U.S.) like the chief scientist in South Korea, Kim Woo-Ju, did right away. But when Fauci did, soon after he made his mid-January statements, the anti-science sentiment that has grown in the U.S. — and now makes us different from places like Vietnam, China, Canada, Taiwan, Germany and New Zealand — Fauci was sidelined and labeled alarmist.

      My personal opinion is it's better to get science from an interview like this than a snippet from TikTok:

    • Isn't Trump's political strategy to accuse his opponents of what he is criticized of? Of course he has to attack Biden for losing it because his own mental health is under scrutiny.

      Both Biden and Trump have slowed down, but Trump says incoherent things and goes off on angry rants like Alzheimer patients do. I haven't seen Biden do that at anywhere near the level Trump does.

    • Covid has been around for over 20 years. Plenty enough time for Fauci to form an opinion about it. Tons of sources (outside of Tic Tok which I used strickly for the entertainment value) and multiples of times he has said masks are worthless and he’s right. Science proves it exactly like he says. It’s so small it goes right thru the mask. He is a scientist and we are supposed to listen to him. We shut the entire country down on HIS advise. Listen to the speaker in the video above and we come back to the common sense I speak of. First follow the greed, the money, the lobbyists and the profiteers. Twice the money being spent than oil. Why? Because they care about us?

      The question he asks is legitimate. Do we want our lives being run by doctors and apparently voodo scientists like Fauci that can’t decide about masks after 20 years studying Covid.

      Fauci by the way is the nations top infectious disease expert.

    • That'll be this event then?

      Truth bombs from an 'Patriot' event where the headliners include

      a convicted felon,
      a right wing conspiracy theorist,
      an antivaxxer,
      a DR that promoted Hydroxychloroquine and other things through a group of dr's calling themselves 'America's Frontline Doctors' that was later shown that none of the dr's in the group actually served in a frontline capacity against Covid, most had no qualifications relating to disease control, 1 was an opthamologist, and at least one of them wasn't even registered,

    • I don't know what has happened to America. We have shocked the world. DangerDave is from Australia (1794 deaths), Eddieb from New Zealand (24 deaths), cvdavis from Canada (9608 deaths) and they, like the rest of the world, have their jaws on the floor about videos like that. You would think with our 215,000 deaths we'd be a little bit humble about where we are going wrong and listen to scientists and doctors in countries that are now far more advanced than us.

      Did any sentence that man said make sense? Was any of it true? "Vaccines can be approved in 2 days." Tell President Trump that as he gets increasingly more frustrated about how long the approval process takes.

      "Biden's plan is to lock everything down so all jobs go away. Therefore China will rule the world." How does that make sense? China did lock everything down and that's why they can rule the world. Same with all the countries like New Zealand who hold live sporting events now. How are sporting events in the U.S. doing?

    • Covid has been around for over 20 years.

      Has it? I understood the name to have originated on February 11 of this year. Do you mean to say Coronavirus? That seems to have been around for milennia.

    • Many people also don’t realize Biden has a stutter. People who stutter often can mask it but it uses a lot of mental focus. This would detract from their overall speaking ability.

    • Australia (1794 deaths)

      Nah. Currently 898 deaths. 349 Active cases and 19 new cases.

      The 19 new is a significant jump over the past fortnight's figures unfortunately. But the second wave in Victoria seems to be subsiding.

      But yeah we've had generally sound state and federal Covid management, excellent economic relief and social security - Medical officers' advice has been strictly adhered to and we have universal free health care.

      Basically everything America hasn't.