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    • Covid has been around for over 20 years. Plenty enough time for Fauci to form an opinion about it. Tons of sources (outside of Tic Tok which I used strickly for the entertainment value) and multiples of times he has said masks are worthless and he’s right. Science proves it exactly like he says. It’s so small it goes right thru the mask. He is a scientist and we are supposed to listen to him. We shut the entire country down on HIS advise. Listen to the speaker in the video above and we come back to the common sense I speak of. First follow the greed, the money, the lobbyists and the profiteers. Twice the money being spent than oil. Why? Because they care about us?

      The question he asks is legitimate. Do we want our lives being run by doctors and apparently voodo scientists like Fauci that can’t decide about masks after 20 years studying Covid.

      Fauci by the way is the nations top infectious disease expert.