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    • For the past 3+ years, I've been working on the seventh floor of my faculty's research tower. My office overlooks Federal Highway, which is one of the busiest highways in Malaysia, especially during rush hour on weekdays. I've been able to capture some photos which I think could tell an interesting story.

      This is the typical view on a typical day. Lots of people driving by, completely oblivious to the fact that there's some random guy looking down on them from his office.

      Sometimes though, looking down can be a little strenuous on my neck, so I look up for some respite. Not a bad view either.

      We don't often get visitors all the way up here. A bird does pop in once in a while just to see what's going on.

      I don't take long extended holidays. During national festivities, I'm often back in the office as soon as the public holiday is over. Many people do take extended leave though, which is the only time the highway is as peaceful as this.

      Perhaps the most incredible thing I've witnessed is the building across the street from me catch fire. No casualties were reported, thankfully.

      It rains a lot in Malaysia. Sometimes we get a very clear warning that a storm is coming. Like dark, ominous clouds looming overhead.

      When it does rain, it makes the traffic unbelievably terrible. So much so, I sometimes stay back late in the office to wait for the traffic to subside before going home.

      The view starts to get really nice around dusk.

      The night view ain't too bad either.

      But the best photo I ever took was this sunset shot from yesterday. Never seen a sunset quite like this since I started working here.

      Do you have any interesting views from where you work?