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    • We are about to move into a home that's in desperate need of a flooring upgrade. We have an active household and a dog so would like something that's durable and easy to clean.

      Currently we are considering SPC vinyl planks, mostly due to it being marketed as more water resistant (proof?) than laminate, and more durable and resistant to dents and fading than WPC vinyl. Anyone here have experiences with SPCs and can recommend a brand or model they like? Or think we should look into something else?

      I have float installed click-laminate in the past and the click-LVP install seems identical. Are there any install gotchas we should be wary of?


    • I have old school vinyl in my house, and it looks hideous when the printed design layer gets damaged. It's this nice white grid with big black holes all over from moving furniture and what not. I think the new Vinyl is significantly more durable, but the issue of piercing the printed layer still exists.

      I've started replacing the vinyl with Plyboo floating bamboo floors. Floating wood floors, specifically, bamboo, are very durable and fairly water resistant and only slightly more expensive than the SPC vinyl. The way the bamboo grains are packed together in the manufacturing process creates a much harder surface than traditional hardwood floors, which makes them much more scratch resistant. IMHO bamboo floors look much better than the Vinyl planks. That's my 2 cents. It's your house so pick what looks best to you.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, we ended up going for an engineered bamboo product called GeoWood from CaliBamboo. Seems like a good combination of water resistance, wear, and looks that we wanted. Fingers crossed that it’s as good as its marketing material!