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    • I have spent probably over 100 hours playing FTL over the years. So when I found out that the same team was making Into the Breach I just had to buy it.

      Is anyone playing? I think it is a fantastic game, not quite as addictive as FTL is, but still an amazing concept.

    • I've been sinking all my gaming time into Into The Breach lately.

      It's particularly great because one territory "level" can be done in 5-20 minutes, which is a good unit of time to fit in between my kids taking my attention for one reason or another.

      I actually never really got into FTL. I played it for 10-20 hours, but never pushed my way a competent distance up the difficulty curve.

      If you've got a lot of hours in the game and have seen a lot of the characters/barks, this is a fun read:

      I particularly liked this piece on a specific character, Isaac - - I agree with the author. Slightly unlikeable character + a special ability you love to have is a really good tension.

    • Yea, I really like that the levels are playable in a fairly short amount of time, and easy to stop and pickup. I haven't been playing quite as much as I thought I would, trying not to sit at the computer after sitting there at work all day :).

      Maybe once they come out with an iPad version I will play more!