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    • I don't know about you, but I love the social media posts about trash cleanup!

      It's worldwide, it's visual, big groups are doing it with kids. It generates awesome awareness. Here's Vietnam!

      I know bad things happen on social media, but isn't this an incredibly awesome thing?!

    • On a related note, it reminds me of the CITO events for Geocaching, which has the same principles, and has been running since 2002. For those unaware, geocaching is kind of a worldwide treasurehunt which uses GPS to find hidden containers around the world. CITO events involves geocachers meeting up to find/places caches and remove trash/help preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces in the process

    • We have a beautiful place we go and sit and talk. People shoot stuff and leave it behind.

      They shoot down into the canyon. I haul it back up bag it and haul it out. Good exercise.

      A quick story.

      One day I hauled a tire rim and all the way up from the canyon below to a pile I started. A man, wife and two kids pulled up shortly after. They set off on a long walk. As the man passed the tire he rolled it back down into the canyon. They continued on their walk.

      I looked at my wife and said, “I’ll be right back” I got the tire heavy with steel wheel and hauled it back up to my trash pile. A while later the family returned and as they passed the pile with the tire wheel combo returned to it the wife said. (Sound really travels in the desert) “I think someone’s trying to tell you something Jim.”

      Hopefully the kids grow up smarter than dad.

    • It's definitely a good cause and an effective way of raising awareness, but I always view these kinds of campaigns as ego fuel for people who want their 15 seconds of fame on the internet. Call me a party-pooper or a pessimist, but I always feel like charity or good deeds shouldn't be publicity stunts. I know that in this day and age if you want to make an impact, you need some kind of gimmick so your message will spread on social media and reach more people. This campaign certainly accomplished that in ways a traditional campaign wouldn't, but I dunno. It just leaves me with a bad impression after the initial "not bad" feeling wears off.

      In Malay there's this term which came from a song, "bencinta", which is made up of two words, "benci", and "cinta". "Benci" means hate, while "cinta" means love. I guess that's how I would describe my feelings towards these kinds of campaigns. I hate the "look at me and praise me" kind of attitude these posts project, but at the same time I love how social media can be used for such a good cause.

    • Something flipped in my head last year and I changed.

      All my life, my thoughts darkened a little when I'd see litter. Who would do this to such a beautiful place? And sometimes it would lead me down a path of dwelling on other depressing human behavior.

      I walk a lot when talking on the phone and in place of meetings in conference rooms. Now when I walk, I pick up stray trash and place it in the nearest trash can. I don't think about how it got there, don't care if anyone sees me do it, I only think about one less thing. It's a small but gratifying dopamine hit. It brightens my soul a little instead of darkening it.

      The only thing is I have to tell whomever I'm walking with that I'm listening, I just habitually pick up trash. I wonder if they think I'm not concentrating on them.