I was recently thinking about what is different between Republicans and Democrats aside from the fact that they have different policies and the fact that Republicans are well, a mess and Democrats are doing quite well. By quite well I just mean they have control of the House, Senate, and White House. 

Fundamentally, what I see as the major difference between Republicans and Democrats is Republicans are mostly playing defense. Yes they like to slash taxes for the uber rich and corporations and install conservative judges, but it does seem like a lot of what they campaign around is the need to stop Democrats from their agenda. The idea being that things are more or less fine the way they are and that Democrats are attacking our way of life. 

As for Democrats, they are mostly playing offense. They’re out there pushing their agenda that calls for police reform, energy reform (green new deal), social justice, equality for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender, etc. They see Republicans an obstacle or an obstructing force trying to prevent them from getting in their way. Comments from Mitch McConnell about making Barack Obama a one-term president speak to this. It largely feels like the reason Republicans get votes is they convince voters that Democrats are an evil entity that must be stopped ( a defensive approach) whereas Democrats are on the offense, getting votes by convincing voters they are about bringing real change and improving American way of life. 

I do think so long as both parties are playing on opposite sides of the ball so to speak, it’s going to be tough for things to get done in Washington. Thoughts? 

(Credit: Shutterstock)