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    • I took two of my kids on a 3-week tour of Eastern Canada and New England and I thought to myself, greatest dad ever. Who gets to go on a vacation like this?! We saw Montreal, breathtaking Canadian scenery, Nova Scotia, Labrador, moose, whales via an old ship in St. John's Newfoundland, Maine...

      After the trip I asked my daughter what the best thing we saw was. "The Ben & Jerry's tour in Vermont." WHAT?! It's true, Ben & Jerry's is the #1 attraction in Vermont, according to Popsugar.

    • Shhhhhhush! I live 30" from Vermont and wish you folks would keep it a secret! Western Mass is pretty nice too, but don't tell anyone! BTW, my Cake profile picture was taken on a ride on a Forest Service road in VT....

    • Yes! Some of my favorite memories as a kid is my dad would drive us from NH and take us skiing to Stowe and then on our way back we'd always hit Ben and Jerry's for ice cream and a little tour.

    • A morning view from my parents house in New Hampshire. On a clear day on the hill across the way there (also part of their property) you can have a 180 degree view of Vermont. My love for New England runs deep.

    • Our family took a fabulous fall road trip through the northeastern states about 10 years ago. Vermont was beautiful. We went through the Ben & Jerry's factory tour and stayed in Stowe for a few days. One of the tour guides at Ben & Jerry's told us that every employee is given two pints of ice cream of their choice every day. Then he gave us his two free pints for the day when he saw us buying an ice cream cone, effectively ensuring 1) that we would have nothing but positive feelings for Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the future, and 2) that we would be too full to eat for the next day.

    • So nothing ugly in VT huh? How about snow on May 1st?!?!?!

      Actually, it was a beautiful day for a ride (even if the short-cut I wanted was impassable due to snow).

    • hah typical.

      I remember way back when I was in college around late April it was 90+ degrees so we went to Hampton Beach. It got so hot that my car over heated and smoke was coming from the hood. The next day it snowed 4 inches.