How photographs from across one’s borders can affect us deeply.

(@Ravi )

How a love of recreational maths can kill your productivity.

(@Eric )

An Oscar-nominated screenwriter answers my question,

“Have you ever had the heart and soul ripped out of your film by a director’s rewrite or by later writers “polishing” of your script?”

When you’re hunkering for fire-roasted red bell peppers, ask Drac for the recipe.

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Just how many conversations has @JazliAziz had FEATURED on Cake so far?



This world traveler shares how to avoid disaster when traveling—it involves a ripcord

(@Pathfinder )

Who’s a good boy?

(@petebocken )

When you find out someone has a “math sense of humor”

(@lidja )

Seriously, you need to read all of Dave’s puns

(@DangerDave )

The story of an 18 month old who refused to be carried up a hill.

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