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    • Obviousy rhetorical. I consider myself a serial adventurer and have lived many, many places as an adult....starting with joining the Navy at 17 y/o. What that did was probably make me very observant to places and fixtures and ask myself - why, what, where, when and who? I think as photographers that comes into place when shooting albeit very organically.

      Living in Las Vegas in my 11th year, and doing numerous triathlons out of Boulder Beach and actually doing a Dead Man's Island open water swim loop, there is a cement structure on Big Boulder Island you ALWAYS notice. It will be in ever photo. BUT, I have never committed to getting over to the island and hiking the island.

      Yesterday, some friends were in a small regatta...the wind was soft so I knew the images were not going to be that compelling but you show up anyway, right? Yep, you guessed it - time to explore the cement structure. Even after a quick google search, I could not find any info on the structure.

    • What I have come to love about Lake Mead is the sharp contrasts of the extreme desert with a fairly robust marine system, albeit the water level dropping and dropping. Big fish were jumping out of the water with frequency.

    • After the kayaking and my friends has sailed away, I rode my mtb through the "tunnels" and this is the view you have from higher up.

    • What's the sailing like on Lake Mead? I did an IronMan there and the winds came up to 30 mph overnight so we had whitecaps and 3-foot waves to swim through. I had done Escape from Alcatraz swim 4 times and hadn't had rough water like that. Some of the pros threw up when they got out of the water. I was dizzy after swimming through that for a couple of hours on the bike.

    • I have not actually sailed...and, my buddy is new to sailing.....I think because geographically this is a confluence corridor between the southwest and the northwest, it can get extreme. Back in my training days, I know somedays swimming 1500 yards between buoys felt very dramatic and almost life threatening. But, when I used to swim year round in the winter, a light sprinkle of rain and a moderate breeze made it the epitome of serene. To that point, yesterday morning was terrible for sailing but by the time I took my car to carwash at 4pm, the winds were 30+mph and rain came through town.

      BTW....great job on the Escapes.....I did only the swim once and flailed horribly. Those currents messed with my head big time. I could not sight to save me. Had to pop my head up every other stroke just to see if I was going in the right direction.