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    • We have been collecting Christmas ornaments for about a decade now in my family. Aside from the generic ones, each has its own story and why it is special.

      What is your favorite ornament?

    • I picked this one up on our first trip to Disney Land during the holiday season. It is a really fun time because everything is decorated Christmas style. Plus Wall-e is awesome :)

    • We're so into photos that all our ornaments are pics. This one is two-sided, on metal so they last forever.

      Each year the kids can't wait to decorate the tree because they get out the ornaments and laugh and talk about that time when, or how young they looked, or awww when do we get to go to Disneyland again?

      And each year we give them new ones and the laughing and memories start all over.

    • I love your Christmas tree with all the special memories the ornaments bring to you and your family.My favourite is a Angel that my younger sister looked forward to putting on the top of our tree i still have it but no longer put a Christmas tree up as my younger sister passed away 10 years ago it holds a special place in my heart and memory.