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    • Tamron recently released the 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD Lens.

      A friend of mine was at the photography show in New York so I asked him to talk to someone in the Tamron booth and ask a question on my behalf. "Will Tamron be bringing out a version for Sony e-mount?"

      Why did I get him to ask the question, well I was looking for a lens that I could leave on my camera the majority of the time while i travel, basically a do it all lens, well about 90% anyhow.

      Tamrons response -

      No we don't have anything for a Sony fitment and have no plans right now to make one...but you can make it work, he said winking and walking away

      So what did he mean? This

    • The way to make a Tamron fit a Sony is to bring in another brand, Sigma, you need a Sigma MC-11 Lens Mount Converter (Canon EF to Sony E-Mount) 

    • So it works with full frame? And how are you liking it? I'm also looking for my next E-mount lens, and Tamron got great marks for their 28-75 f/2.8, so I was thinking to replace my kit lens with that. But on the other hand, I could really use a long lens.

    • I take my first shot at 18mm and it focuses very quickly, impressive right up to when I look at the focus and quality of the image, not good, slightly out of focus even thought the camera was saying it was in focus. For reference i was shooting in AUTO mode just to be simple and the least work for the camera or lens, from here it went down hill

    • I then zoomed out to take shots at 50, 100, 200, 400, in reality as I'm running this on a a6300 its APS-C, so this is really 28.8-640mm, you can do the math

      50mm f4.5

      100mm f5.6

      This is the 200 shot and I was dead on the 200 mark on the camera but it actually shows in the EXIF that its 227

      200mm (but was actually 227mm) f5.6

      400mm f5.6

      if you look at the shots closely, the 400mm shot is actually the one that held focus the best, not what I expected.

      I was obviously outside taking these shots and there was a little noise but it seemed like the lens was making a noise as well!

      I went inside, turned the camera on, at 18mm all was silent, as soon as I zoomed past 50mm there was a noticeable audible sound coming from the lens of the motor inside, even when I simply opened it up to around 100 mm and held it still and not touched the lens, the motor continued to run, it was the same all the way to 400 mm and never stopped while the camera was active.

      Back outside to try a few more and it started to struggle and hunt for true focus, out of ten attempts three were in (almost focus) the rest were even shown to be in focus, but weren't and the camera was told they were so took a completely blurred shot or it just kept hunting.

    • Back inside and I tried the lens on a friends Canon, it worked but not great! Did I get a bad lens?

      Ok, so try the Sigma converter with one of his Canon lenses on my Sony, I couldn't get a focus at all. Did I get bad converter as well?

      Next try the Tamron lens on his camera, worked, but not great, so maybe a dud!

      I then boxed both back up in original packaging and they are sitting by the door for a return, and the hunt for a big range zoom continues.

      If you are using Sony and looking to extend your choice of glass then Canon is a really good way to go with the Sigma converter, or is it in reality?

      As I stopped being a Canon guy years ago, I had no way to test the theory out, if only I had a camera shop that I could grab 24 lens to try what works and what kinda work using Canon glass with a Sony using the Sigma is your friend and I think this will answer any questions about options of lenses and capability over a great range of cheaper to high end glass

    • Unfortunately , NO, it does not fit a full frame camera - it is designed for APS-C crop bodies.

      Yes, IT WILL MOUNT on a full frame Canon body, but the outer 1/3 of each end of the frame will not be illuminated, due to vignetting - the image circle of this lens is for a CROP body.

      That said, I have had my eye on it for some time, light, inexpensive, a pretty long effective reach on a crop body. I thought the images on the long end looked pretty good above.

      I own the earlier Tamron 16-300mm  f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO and it is a favorite of mine for walkabout shooting, I have over 8000 frames shot through it, and I was hoping the 18-400 would be as good. I had also hoped it might fit a full frame body, but I just checked on B&H first before posting here. I thought it would be a great lens on an EOS R body - but no joy, crop bodies only.

      I wish Canon would go ahead and introduce a new 7D Mk III or something better - I love the AF on the 7D Mk II but would like the larger file sizes offered, like on the 90D which apparently doesn't match the AF in the 7D Mk II