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    • So in a month or so I'll be moving a bit further away from work and my 20 or so minute commute will often look more like 45-60 pending traffic. I know some folks would consider that a short commute to work, but in Buffalo just about everything is 20 minutes away.

      I'm thinking I might want to get ahead of the potential road rage by tossing a few audio books on my phone. I haven't yet ever really experienced an audio book, so i'll probably start with the two free books amazon keeps nagging me about. Although I'm willing to admit I haven't looked too far into it yet to figure out what strings are attached or if there is something better out there.

      My interests are pretty vast and really any good book, can usually hold my interest. I've heard some horror stories however about really bad narrators, so if you have any favorites send them my way and I'll definitely consider them.

      I plan to look a bit deeper into TED talks and the such. Really just anything that will help pass the time without hearing the same 15 songs or so over and over.

    • Hi PJ,

      Welcome and thanks for joining our fledgling group! Maybe one day we'll all be saying "I was one of the first 40 people to try Cake, back when a lot of stuff didn't work yet."

      I feel that audiobooks are like coffee, an acquired taste. I know a lot of people who don't like listening to them, but I think for most people it just takes some time. For at least the last decade, I've been obsessed with them. Between podcasts and books I really do listen for 3 hours a day. I do it when driving, working out, shopping for groceries, walking the dog... I'm often lost in my own world of books.

      One unexpected book I've recommended a few times that people seem to find fascinating is Chaos Monkeys. It's about a guy who got his Phd in physics only to find out it's hard to make money and get a date. So he went to work at Goldman Sachs, where he made money and go dates, but wasn't fulfilled. So he tried to start a tech company that got bought by Facebook and chaos ensued.

    • Have you considered listening to podcasts? I use that when commuting and often find myself sitting in my vehicle when I get home and not even going inside until I've finished listening to the episode. Needless to say I rarely mind when my commute is slowed down because I get to listen to the podcast longer and my mind is focused on the thought and not the slow moving traffic plus I get the bonus of learning something. I guess you're hoping for the same thing experience but I figured you may not be aware of podcasts.

    • I'm generally not a huge audiobook fan, but comedy books - when they're read by the comedian - are absolutely hilarious. Kevin Hart's book "I can't make this up," was hysterical.

    • Some recommendations based on performance:

      Sci Fi: Red Rising, Tim Gerard Reynolds does an incredible job.
      Fantasy: Game of Thrones, Roy Dotrice is really good.
      History, Non-fiction: The Fall and Rise of China, professional lectures about the history of China for the last 200 years. I was skeptical but the series of lectures ends up feeling like an epic drama rather than a textbook.
      Urban Fantasy: Dresden Files, James Marsters does a great job in the role.

      I have read a lot of other really good Audiobooks, but these stuck with me as being the best performances.

    • When I lived in California my commute would sometimes be the most awful so I became acclimated to both NPR and audio books.

      I use Audible (which is owned by Amazon) and subscribe so I get monthly credits which go towards any audio book I'd like to listen to. They have a huge selection of books and new ones are added daily.

      One of my favorite things about Audible is the app lets you listen to the author at faster speeds too. I tend to listen at 1.5x the normal rate. Voice still sounds good (not sped up) but going at the 1.0 rate tends to feel like the books drag on. Could just be my ADD brain.

      Anyway, I've listened to a wide range of topics, depending on mood. Here are some recommendations:

      Sometimes a political memoir such as:
      - What Happened by Hillary Clinton

      Or a more recent book:
      - Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

      But seeing how that can cause anxiety I also just like to zone out to some good sci-fi/fantasy fiction. Here are some of my favorites:
      - the Brandon Sanderson series Mistborn.
      - the Lord of the Rings novels by J.R.R. Tolkien
      - the Song of Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones) by George R.R. Martin

    • Anything by Christopher Moore. His books are hilarious.
      Almost anything by Anthony Bourdain (not a fan of his venture into fiction)
      I have a lot of audio books waiting, haven't been in the mood for them lately.