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    • About one month ago, my closest grandkids' school held a "Grandparents' Day". I managed to spend around 3 1/2 hours around or with my granddaughter. This included morning recess.

      Some classmates called my granddaughter a name (rubbish), she took it personally and walked away to be by herself.

    • This is a great story. As a new parent, I worry about bullying when my kid gets to school; it's great to see that they can bounce back so easily.

    • Great photos! Rubbish sounds like something a Brit would say.

      I know kids usually recover quickly when friends come around and cheer them up, but I wonder about something. Don't we all harbor memories from middle and high school when we were made fun of? I look back and think "how stupid to be bothered by that." But I still remember it.

      Your granddaughter is adorable.

    • Thanks xorius. Mostly kids are great at solving problems by themselves.

      In the classroom I did have to intervene when the teacher and both teacher's aides briefly all left the area (the teacher herself was still in the room but behind a partition they use for storing projects) and a couple of the boys started shoving each other around. Seeing that I was the only adult in view I told them to "cool it". When they persisted my granddaughter perked up and said, "My grandpa said 'cool it!'".

      They listened to her!

      She makes me so proud.

    • Don't tell me "pip" is obsolete! Makes me feel old, since I remember my family using it. I haven't heard it in decades, though, so I guess you are correct. Thanks for this, it brought back memories of my Dad calling someone a pip! Though he may have used it sarcastically, knowing my Dad.....

    • “Aging is a matter of mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” (anon, 1968)


      When asked my age, I (ziggy) tell people that "I'm One Hundred and Ninety Five", because you're only as old as you feel, and that first 15 minutes of the day ...

      I told that to a bunch of church ladies once and the eldest but the quickest, who has known me the longest, said, "But [ziggy], you don't look a day over 100!", so at least I've got that going for me. ;-)

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