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    • So I've been trying to compose some posts with multiple uploaded images and I'm having some issues which are probably chair-to-keyboard interface related but we'll see.

      If I upload an image to a topic it sits at the bottom of the topic and I can't add anything under the image, only above it, this doesn't seem to be affected by where the cursor is when I hit the image button, and I can't add more than 1 image.

      This means the image doesn't sit contextually where it should in the post, and means 1 post has to become multiple if I have more than 1 image I want to add.

      I'm using Win10 with fully updated Chrome.

    • Cake is currently set up for a maximum of one photo per post. If you have a photo sharing service like SmugMug, you can post links to multiple photos in one post. Otherwise, you’ll need to upload each photo into separate posts.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.