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    • I’m a pretty heavy Instagram user and was at first very skeptical of stories but have grown to love them. It’s funny to hear that the reason they were created was that posts were becoming too produced. I’ve found that the introduction of stories has actually exacerbated that in some ways (although perhaps that’s not a bad thing).

      By creating an area for more ephemeral, humorous, or casual content, posts themselves became kind of elevated in a sense. Looking back at my feed, I used to post funny or casual content all the time to my main feed (because that was the only place to put things), but once stories were introduced, I no longer do so. I create actual posts pretty rarely, only reserving them for content I’m proud of. I use stories a lot now though for that goofy or casual content. It’s fun to have a place for that kind of stuff.

      I suppose it was inevitable that people would want to create more produced content for their stories. I welcome it, but hope it doesn’t completely squeeze out the lo-fi, spontaneous nature of the stories I tend to enjoy. I don’t want everything to be a highly controlled brand experience all the time.