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    • Always intriguing to hear about creative things folks do with technology.

      "Bluetooth trackers are those tiny tags that help you find lost items. They attach to your house keys or wallet so that if those things are misplaced, you open a smartphone app and tap a button to make the tracker play an alarm. That sound lets you find the item more easily.

      But that’s not all these trackers can do. You can squeeze a lot more value out of the tags by thinking beyond the items that live in your pockets."

      The writer put the Tile tracker to the test in several ways:

      Searching for his Apple TV remote, finding his travel luggage, finding his car is a large parking lot, and tracking his dog.

      He suggests that those situations were specifically for him but there are plenty of other ways to use trackers.

      "Busy parents may benefit from adding trackers to the jackets of their young children, for example. People with medical conditions may want to attach trackers to devices they need to find quickly, like inhalers. In other words, with a little bit of inventiveness, the things that are truly important to you won’t become lost."

      Any other tracker creative uses out there?

    • I have to confess, the tracker on my AppleWatch has helped me find my phone too many times to admit. It’s my favorite overlooked feature.😏

    • I have some friends who use a Tile tracker on their very small dog's collar to keep track of it when it runs around the house, backyard, etc. As I recall, the dog gets something like 13,000 very tiny steps in per day! It's incredible!

    • These things were always disappearing in pants pockets, running pouches, purses and who knows where else. There were a lot of frantic where are my keys moments when I was late for something. Not anymore.

    • I added a tile to my car keys after a replacement key and re-programming recently cost me $150.

      Also (and kind of sadly) I put one in my child's lunch box at school as a "person" was taking her lunch box and hiding it ...

      I added one to a child's shoe when we were at at a theme park when she was little -- so I could track ...

    • It's been years since I've lost anything and then it was only because someone else picked it up and moved it.

      I have a place for everything and put things where they belong when I'm done with them, so don't really see the need for such a device.