I was absoluely blown away by the creativity and unusual design aesthetic of UK-based designer Alice Potts, as profiled in WIRED UK:

Her current sweat-collecting regime involves working with athletes. Each individual is given an item of clothing to exercise and sweat in. Once the sweat becomes embedded in the material, Potts collects any extra liquid using microfibre towels, as well as asking participants to scrape it from clothing and wring it out into a container. “You can sweat a pint a day from your feet – that’s normal,” Potts says. She then starts her crystallisation process and re-applies the wrung-out perspiration to
the still-sweaty garments, where the similarity in molecular structure allows the crystals to form.

This creates some funky-futuristic fabrics, as seen in the ballet shoes below or these gym clothes.

I'm definitely fascinated by unusual fabrics - pineapple leaf fibers, for instance, or Power Felt - but Alice's approach is definitely one-of-a-kind! Would you wear crystallized fabric?