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    • Wow! Even though I know there's never been a confirmed case of a wild killer whale attacking a human, I would freak out if that were me.

      I was snorkeling in Hawaii once and dived down to look at some coral, and a huge grouper fish swam above me. I had been admiring it from a distance earlier, but suddenly seeing this giant fish between me and the surface scared the crap out of me. I knew it was unlikely to intentionally hurt me, but I was suddenly very aware of how easy it would be for something that big to accidentally hurt me. 😬

    • I'm with Draconicrose. I'm sure the crazy heartbeat I'd have would be a little bit from fear -- and I'd be trying to figure out whether they were fish-eating or mammal-eating orcas, I'm sure -- but primarily it would be excitement! I think I would be so awe-struck I might forget to breathe air. :)