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    • I know, everyone is going mirrorless and smaller, lighter. This camera still has a mirror and it’s HUGE!

      Here’s the thing: I own a 1D X that died a salt water death when my underwater housing leaked. I tried to love my Sony A7 that died when it fell from the sky on a drone. I am trying to love my Nikon D850 that shoots AMAZING high-res images.

      But none of them hold a candle to the 1D when it comes to shooting action. I am leaving for an off-road motorcycle rally in a week and I’m paying 💰💰💰 to rent a 1D X MK II for the trip. I shoot action of wildlife & sports and I sorta get by with the D850, but not really. It takes some luck and wincing over shots that would have been in focus.

      An old school holdout am I?

    • I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting the right tool for the job. Go for it.

      I do know that the pros I work with who use a 1DX mostly carry it in a car or 4x4. Motorcycles not so much.

      And hey - I have both Nikon and Canon cameras and am loyal to neither - but what sort of money have you already got tied up in Nikon mount lenses? Would a D5 make for better economy with what glass you already have?

      I also wouldn't buy what some on ADV say about the Z6/7 or mirrorless in general for action shots. The lack of long native S glass is a definitely a problem for field sports etc currently, but the body works fine.

    • Yes, you are crazy. But.....fps is barely a barometer now. The new Sony I have I think does 8+fps at 60MP. But, you are used to the Canon ecosystem and invested in their glass. The practical side would say just buy a used Sony a6300 and a fast zoom for your trip as just extra hardware for your closet. But, the photographer in me completely endorses any and all expeditures for new, top of the line gear.

    • Darn, now I think I want another new body too, @Chris.

      I just got a pair of Canon RF -R mirror-less bodies for my wife and I - lighter, better for old folks ) - nice camera with nice enough large files ( 30 Mpxls ) , but it seems slow in my hands ( new button and OS, kind of ) and it can be very hard for me to see in bright light. And it is definitely not wildlife camera in my hands. My spouse seems to love hers. Me, not so much, I do like the lighter weight, smaller form factor.

      Interesting, that the 1DX MkIII doesn't seem to use CF or SD cards, but two CFast cards. And I didn't see in your link what the file sizes are either, whether they are larger, or remain the same as my 1DX M k II.

      Now how soon will the real deal be on store shelves? Inquiring minds want to know!

      I will want possession before spending two weeks in Yellowstone this winter again.

    • I’m sure the money in glass is influencing me. I have the Canon 200-400 f/4, which is my favorite lens of all time. I paid $12,000 for it. 🤯 I also have the 200mm f/2. 💰 They are beasts, but we’re bringing a pickup truck.

      For the Nikon, I only have the 70-200.

    • Like you, @Chris, I have a closet full of EOS lenses, including the 200-400, 500F4. The 100-400 V2 is light, fast and easy to use but the bokeh I don't always admire, so I broke down in a fit of weakness and sprang for the 400 f2.8 V2.

      I want to use that lens a lot more - its backgrounds are really sweet.

      Thereal issue, I think, is that my muscle memory for the 1DX, 1DX-Mk II are just built in after almost 10 years of useage.

      A side note, I just spent a a few moments in the Talisker Distillery on Isle of Skye a few days ago, and learned that it belonged to the MacAskill clan since the early 18th century... Ancestors of yours, perhaps? ;-)

    • I’m fascinated by the fact that it can shoot 10-bit HEIC files. I’m often torn between shooting RAW and jpeg when shooting lots of images at high speed and have wondered forever why we can’t do better than jpeg without bringing my laptop to its knees with RAW.

      Also, it shoots 10-bit video. 👏

    • I was shooting gannets in flight in Newfoundland last summer with my 5DMK4 ( I took it because it was so much lighter than my 1DX mK II ) and I quickly realized even its slower High Frame rate quickly lead to buffering overlfow stoppage, until I switched to Medium Raw files.

      I don't like the heavy weight of my 1 Series, but I do like the way it handles and just seems to work in my hands.

      I will need someomeone to explain the advantage of HEIC files to me.

    • WOW!!!! That 400mm f/2.8 is so sweet. I’ve rented it a few times. What a collection you have.

      Yes, all MacAskills originate on the Isle of Skye, including the famous mountain biker Danny MacAskill. I can’t go in a bike shop without being asked about him.

      If you want inspiration for your photography over there, check this film. Oh my God.

    • I saw that film already.

      I have been a fan of Danny's exploits for several years, what an amazing rider. Truly inspiring, and even frightening - Like the link you posted.

    • ok - I learned a bit more about HEIC Files. 16 bit color profile - I like that!!

      Does anyone know if the jpgs derived from HEIC files on an iPhone say, still retain their image date data, and location data? I have a friend who said the date of shooting was lost with conversion of HEIC files on his iPhone to jpgs for uploading onto a Smugmug site. - Anyone else ever experience this?

    • It will be interesting to see the durability, I obviuosly as you know i have multiple friends who are both offroad riders and photgraphers. Can the camera take a beating, cause it will!

      I for a fact know that Pentax DSLR's can, I used them a lot and Dave6253 also has with no ill effect.

      Sony on the other hand...a7xxx don't like the vibration and fall apart internally, a6xxx take it in stride

      So you are our test mule for Canon, go abuse that thing before you buy

    • You're not crazy. The 1DX Mk III is for you for a bunch of reasons.

      Everyone is totally right, all that glass you have makes the 1DX III so compelling. At such long focal lengths, and for what you do, there is NOTHING better AF-wise that will drive those lenses.

      For what you photograph -- family action and motorcycles in motion -- I can't think of a better camera. If you were are landscape photographer, I'd definitely say you were crazy.

      The CFexpress cards it takes are pretty cool. You could put a 1TB in it, and never worry about emptying the card. Plus the 10-bit 4k at 60FPS is nice. You can shoot S-Log and get some really nice color grading in post.

    • They put a lot of work into these videos and edit them to make it look like one continuous ride. But there are a lot of out-takes and other videos actually include failed attempts at the end.

    • Huh. This bugged me all day so I tried it.

      - On my laptop, when I uploaded an HEIC file from my iPhone, SmugMug displayed a small gear icon that went away after a few minutes. The image never appeared. I tried it twice.

      - From my laptop, converting the HEIC to jpeg via Lightroom worked fine and preserved location data and date on SmugMug.

      - Uploading from my iPhone to SmugMug worked, including location data and date, but it displayed the portrait image in landscape mode.

      - I tried it on Cake and got the message that it isn't the type of file we support.

      We use a third party to process our images. I'll try to research what their plans are.