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    • Looking to revamp the old website and just thought I'd put this personal trainer shot to a vote to see if people approve. We are trying to convey more of a family friendly type of personal training studio that's more welcoming to just the average person. We welcome your feedback.

      This is the current primary picture. Let me know your thoughts.

    • I like this shot. Is there more from the series?

      The composition works well if one plans to overlay text on the left side. The negative space gives it a lot of room. For social media, I would go with a square crop and just focus on the trainer and her client and crop out the rest.

    • My only hesitation is about the trainer’s hand so prominently resting on the client’s knee and yet there doesn't seem to be any instruction going on or purpose for it. It makes the picture look posed—not authentic. That could make some people subconsciously uncomfortable...

      Just my initial impression...

    • I agree.

      I've been trying to figure out what bothers me about this picture, and your point is high on my list.

      This doesn't look like a personal training session to me. The photo needs to show something happening - this one to me shows two people too close together talking.

    • This is the current primary picture. Let me know your thoughts.

      I’ve worked with personal trainers before. One advantage to using one is that they can adjust your form if your back isn’t straight, for example, or in the case of the lunge pictured they can point out if your knee is going forward too far.

      I think a stronger and more accurate picture would be if the client was facing forward. Then the correcting hand on the knee makes more sense.